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Residential Interior Design Services Trends to Watch in 2022

Residential Interior Design Services

Home is where we like to unwind and recharge after a stressful day’s work. We at SKC Interiors understand the necessity of providing a residential interior design that blends with our customer’s personalities and adds style and finesse to their home. . Having a beautiful home is one of the most cherished dreams of every individual, and we help in making your dreams come true. We pride ourselves on being one of the best Home Interior Design Companies in Dubai. We specialize in modern and futuristic designs where our customers will have a spacious special retreat in their homes without over-crowding it and still achieve maximum space utilization.

The many Residential Interior Design services offered by SKC Interiors include Living Room Designs, Kitchen Designs, Bathroom Designs, Bedroom Designs, Dining Room Designs, Residential Indoor and Outdoor Designs, Kid’s Room Designs, Gym Designs as well as Stairway Designs. We are a team of skillful and passionate designers, fully committed to performing the job perfectly. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to designing dream spaces for our esteemed clients. Our composite interior design services are available for all types of residential spaces like Villas, Bungalows, and Apartments. Our services are both contemporary as well as traditional in nature and are customized to the client’s needs.

Home interior design is very personal. Chances are high that you get confused with the jargon that is used by interior design consultants or companies to define design styles. There are scores of terms that are used to describe the styles or themes of interior design. Many of them you may be familiar with, but often mixed up or misrepresented. For example, the term Modern Interior Design or Contemporary Interior Design is a bit confusing for many.

Our skilled professional expertise will be the best solution for all your residential interiors requirement. We ensure that there is complete transparency with our clients, and we deliver the best result in the agreed time frame, at the most affordable price in the market. SKC interiors are number one among several residential interiors, in Dubai, known for our commitment and skill toward the fine art of interior decoration.

Our designs capture the aesthetic conceptualization of the whole project by liaising with the stakeholders of the project and managing and executing the abstracted design. Our expert residential interior designers go above and beyond traditional designs to capture the essence of what our clients dream of in their ideal homes. We take pride in the fact that we have designed several projects, and their success is a live testimony of our expertise and skill.

Now, let’s look at some of the most popular interior design styles both in Dubai and internationally.

Residential Interior Design Services Styles Explained

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior design, as the word denotes, is a style that is  “belonging to or occurring in the present” and is subject to dynamic changes. For cities like Dubai, where you can see the amalgamation of various socio-cultural-financial statuses, Contemporary interior design is very relative and interior designers need to discuss it to define the interior feel the client has in mind. Primarily some of the outstanding features of this design style are: neutral and tone-on-tone color palettes with limited accents in bold colors, minimal design, strong focus on form, state-of-the-art technologies, sleek materials like glass-metal-marble, straight lines, and sweeping curves, focus on textures, etc

 Modern Interior Design

As mentioned earlier, modern interior design is most often interchangeably called contemporary interior design. In its simplest definition, contemporary interior design is what reflects the current time and futuristic styles and designs. While Modern Interior design belongs to the time between 1960-2000. Now you know ‘Modern’ is not as modern as you thought! Primary features of this style are: clean straight crisp lines, minimal décor, open floor plans, built-in shelving, exposed structural elements like beams and columns, a neutral color palette with more earthy tones than contemporary style, use of natural materials like leather- untreated wood- metal, etc

Rustic Style of Interior Design

For those who love, the golden old days, who are nostalgic and nature lovers – the rustic type of interior design makes a home. The extent of rustic interior elements is what one has to consider while getting the interior done. The main features of a Rustic interior are: a lot of use of elements in their raw form like unpolished wood and stone, black metal, leather, comfortable rounded forms, heavy furniture, simple earthy colors, fireplaces, etc

Eclectic Interior Design or Fusion Interior Design

Eclectic interiors offer a fusion of styles, periods, materials, and moods. An eclectic interior does not follow any norms of design- it is a very individual creation that caters to the whims of the home occupant. In Dubai today, a lot of the leading furniture stores cater to unique individual pieces that are put together in an eclectic setting. Designers thrive on experimenting with such interiors.

Urban Style of Interior Design

Residential Interior Design Services

The Urban style of the interior has elements of industrial interior design as well as ‘cosmopolitan’. Exposed Brick walls, large beams of wood or metal, wooden floors, play with the scale of elements, etc. are some key aspects of urban style interior. Colour schemes must not be too matchy. In the urban style, there is a wise mix of industrial, modern, and rustic elements. Urban décor has a softer and more comfortable look than industrial design styles.

Industrial Interior Design

Industrial interior design is a raw edgy style where interior structures are proudly laid bare. Exposed beams, Ac ducts, pipes, concrete floors, walls exposed metal, etc. It is a very bold style. While industrial design homes tend to be minimalist, there is a lot of room for drama by juxtaposing the raw with refined, the sleek and modern with the vintage and classic.

Minimalist Interior Design

For the millennial, an increasing affinity towards minimalistic interior design style is evident everywhere. The minimalistic approach to interior design is stark. It focuses on basic forms and functions while doing away with unneeded and excessive detailing or accessories. One should be careful about the extent of minimalism that needs to be implemented in the interior design as too minimalist can sometimes look sterile.

Classic Interior Design

Residential Interior Design Services

Classic interior design is deeply influenced by western classical tradition and aesthetics. Carvings, moldings, cornices, ornate columns, decorative motifs, gypsum details in walls and ceilings, domes, murals, marble busts, sculptures, urns, swags in drapery, etc. The furniture also is typical of the style with chaise lounges, saber legs, carved details, etc. Within classic interiors, one can opt for various periods of classic design such as renaissance, regency, and baroque.

Traditional Interior Design

Traditional interior design is a toned-down version and a more modern version of classic interiors. Classic furniture is used, but wall and ceiling treatments are more minimal.

Themed Interior Design / Ethnic Interior Design

Residential Interior Design Services

Ethnic Interior Design or Themed interior design refers to a design style that draws inspiration from the traditional décor of a particular country. Famous themes for styling are Moroccan, Indian, Chinese, Scandinavian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and French. When designing as per a theme, every element and detail of the interior has to be true to the chosen style.

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