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Do You Need an Expert to Design Your Home Decor Furniture & Interior?

Shopping for your home can be challenging, especially online. However, in the digital age of décor, the interior design world is stepping up with e-commerce outlets where you can find the big, small, unique, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for a rare vintage find for an entryway space or trying to create an entirely new bedscape, these are the best home décor sites to help style the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Expert to Design Your Home Decor Furniture & Interior

How you decorate your home reflects your personality, creating a great impression on your guests. India’s traditional interior design style can give your home a fresh look. One of India’s popular home decoration ideas is using Indian handicrafts like ethnic texture prints, sculptures and folk paintings to provide some examples. A vibrant home colour scheme, antique accent pieces and wooden furniture are other exciting home decor ideas that people in India frequently prefer for adding visual interest to their home’s interiors. 

Check These Stylish Decor Ideas if You Wish to Add a Traditional Touch to Your Homestead.

  • 1.A Welcoming Entryway

  • spaceanddesigns.onlineThe house entrance is given a lot of significance in Indian tradition. Usually, people follow the main door Vastu principles to design the entryway to invite positive energies into the house. A perfectly decorated and well-illuminated foyer can create a good impression on your guests.
  • 2.Simple and Natural Decor

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Plants, flower arrangements, and Vastu enhancement items can make the space bright and welcoming. For a traditional feel, you can likewise go for decorative urli bowls and figurines of Ganesha or Buddha.

3.Color Theory


  • Adding various colours to the home decor is an incredible way to improve the look of a room. If you are looking for an Indian house interior design style, choose a mix of calming colours like blues with earthy hues like browns and greens. Adding colourful cushion covers and mats will make your living room appealing and set a happy climate. You can also consider repairing your old wooden furniture with a fresh coat of paint. Go for a neutral background to enhance the room’s visual appeal.
  • 4.Fabrics With Indian Prints

  • spaceanddesigns.online

Traditional prints , like floral patterns examples, can bend over as decorative works of art for decorating the home interiors. Locally inspired motifs and designs like block prints can be utilized in different rooms for curtains, carpets, mats, table runners and bed linens.

Go for wall decor with traditional textiles instead of wallpaper to give a lofty look to the house interiors. Contemporary texture with Ikkat prints and Kalamkari works adds texture and makes your home ooze an Indian charm.

5.Pooja Room


The pooja room is a typical interior design highlight in India. It is viewed as a sacred space in Indian culture and should be planned as per Vastu Shastra principles. A home temple in the northeast direction or centre of the house is auspicious.

Whether it is a compact or extensive home, you can include a puja corner utilizing different pooja room design ideas. Pick a wall-mounted unit in the living room or a small traditional pooja room, taking into account the best designs for your home.

6.Wooden Furniture 


Wood ruled the kingdom of furniture long before wrought iron, cane, and steel came into the image, and, given the immortal appeal of wood, it does to a large extent. There is something about wooden furniture that goes with it an ideal choice for your home interior design, be it simplistic or superb, stylish or traditional, funky or refined. Whether you like your furniture styled with smooth, precise lines or intricate carvings and latticework, nothing draws out the impacts better than wood. One can never dream of a home interior design plot devoid of wooden furniture.

  1. 7.Paintings Can Change the Dull Walls of a House. 

  2. spaceanddesigns.online

If you are searching for a few decent choices to deck up the living room walls, go for a classic assortment of Indian folk paintings related to various regions of the country. The Madhubani art of Bihar, Kalamkari paintings of Andhra Pradesh, Warli folk art of Maharashtra and other famous historical paintings are a few examples of eye-catching home decor ideas of India that can turn into the centre of attention in your house.

  1. 8.Dining Set

  2. spaceanddesigns.online

Mealtimes are more fun when the whole family dines together. A wooden dining set would be perfect for laying the table for your family and even a couple of friends whenever they visit. The wood makes the table and chairs durable, which is a must when you have a luxurious meal prepared for your party, especially if there are kids around.

9.Bed & Bedding


Wooden beds can complement the grand and minimalistic home interior design. Choosing the right mattress for your room can have a significant effect when there’s a space crunch, but remember to consider your home interior design scheme before investing in one. Go for one that leaves enough room for moving freely yet allows you to snuggle up comfortably at night. A queen-size wooden bed with a natural finish might be the right choice for a room done in earthy hues.

  1. 10.Perfect Bedside Table

  2. spaceanddesigns.online

A bedside table with drawers lets you store anything you want to keep handy. And since every bedroom is complete with a wardrobe, I recommend you select one in a matching tone and finish to store your garments and linens. Place a lamp close to the bed for all that midnight reading you require to get done.

Indian-style furniture designs with dark-polished finished wood can be a classic addition to your living room, dining room and other house areas. Antique furniture pieces like wooden chests, desks, beds and dressers in the interior design are sure to give a glimpse of the past period.

You can adjust the furniture to ensure easy movement and create relaxed spaces. You can also add a swing to enhance the overall decor.

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