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Tips for Selecting a Designer to Style Wardrobe Internal Design

Style Wardrobe Internal Design

This design is particularly appropriate for bedrooms with little space. You can make the wardrobe look intelligent and compact with a sliding door that doesn’t barge on your bedroom decor. You can choose overlapping sliding or in-line doors based on your space constraints. Our interior designers in Delhi will help you to select a suitable sliding door mechanism.

wardrobe design - space & designs


Enjoy a complimentary in-store consultation with one of our interior designers to discuss your home aspirations. When you are ready to start, schedule a home consultation with your dedicated interior designer to conduct a detailed site analysis. All luxury interiors have functionality, but this is the space between practical and mental needs. In the first case, there’s an association with memories, relaxation, and comfort, while in the second one, it is a matter of having everything in the right place.

Wardrobe + Dresser

wardrobe + dresser - space & designs

This is one of the classic wardrobes plans our home interior designers have asked for. In this style, you’ll have several wardrobe doors, a built-in dresser complete with a mirror, and an open storage shelf.

We don’t need to tell you enough about how amazing a walk-in wardrobe would be! Decorpot’s bedroom interior designers in Bangalore have worked on several projects to design a walk-in wardrobe with many storage spaces, drawers, and dressers to style the space.

Wardrobe + Study Unit

wardrobe + study unit - space & designs

For the best interior designers, a multipurpose wardrobe with a built-in study unit is best for your kid’s or a working person’s room. Since the study unit will be placed in line with the wardrobe, it would help move around the space. You can alter the wardrobe as you wish and include drawers and upper shelves with the study unit.

Some don’t want a separate wardrobe, a bookshelf, and a TV unit instead of an all-in-one. We can design this wardrobe with an open bookshelf in one corner and a TV unit in the middle. This would make the bedroom look spacious and modern.

Wardrobe + Loft

wardrobe + loft - space & designs

This wardrobe can be made into a simple wardrobe, a dresser, and a loft. This loft design would come in handy when you have lots of stuff that you don’t often need but want to store in a separate space.

You can opt for a luxurious, sleek glass wardrobe when you want your bedroom to ooze out style. Our interior designers use a hinge-door wardrobe or a sliding-door wardrobe with a glass design with aluminium frames.

A wardrobe is essential to your room as it allows you to store all your clothing neatly. A wardrobe has a functional role and adds to the bedroom’s aesthetics. Often, the task of picking the right room wardrobe design can be a difficult task. It would be best if you found the right plan that suits your bedroom’s style and offers excellent functionality. A wardrobe is necessary for every house room, so the design should be given extra attention. It is always advisable to hire interior designers to create the perfect room wardrobe for you.

Tips To Pick Your Perfect Bedroom Wardrobe Design

Much thought and planning should go into picking the right wardrobe for your bedroom, from style to quality and functionality. The user’s specifications and needs must be considered before choosing a bedroom wardrobe design. If you are searching for the perfect wardrobe design, here are some tips you should be aware of.


Wardrobe Type

The sort of wardrobe is the most important decision before picking the wardrobe design. Depending on the space accessible, you must choose between a free-standing wardrobe and a built-in wardrobe. A free-standing wardrobe can be moved or moved effectively to another room. You can also take a free-standing wardrobe with you when you move houses. A built-in one can be customized according to your needs. You have much more freedom in deciding the wardrobe’s material, colour, and size than a free-standing one.


Size of the Wardrobe

before picking the wardrobe design, check the measurements of the floor and the accessible floor space. You must clearly understand the required height to hang different garments in the wardrobe. For adults, the wardrobe level can be 45 inches, and the children’s wardrobe can be 15 inches high. The wardrobe should be planned so that it does not block any light source and has sufficient space for the rest of the furniture and bed.



As plenty of wardrobe designs are available in the market, choosing a design can take time and effort for the user. When selecting a wardrobe design, keep the subject of your interiors and the rest of the furniture at the top of the priority list. The wardrobe design should match the rest of the decor in the room. The wardrobe’s tone should also check the shades of the walls in the bedroom. The wardrobe style has a massive role in the aesthetics; in this manner, it should be in perfect harmony with the different elements in the room.



It would be best if you gave extra attention to the material of the wardrobe. Choose only suitable quality materials as wardrobes are not furniture that can be changed often. Even though wood is the preferred material for many, other materials such as acrylic and laminates are also used. When choosing the wardrobe material, make sure that it suits the style of the room. The acrylic material can be used for a kid’s room, especially when the room is colourful. For a room with wooden furniture, wardrobes made of wood would be a perfect match.

Once you’ve chosen the design, you can select the material for the wardrobe. You can choose from MDF, plywood, and wood for regular wardrobes. For sliding-door wardrobes, you can go for glass doors.

After choosing the base material, you can pick the finishing material like UV, acrylic, aluminium, laminate, and lacquer. 

Once you’ve chosen the essential details, we can dial down to minor things like selecting the accessories inside the wardrobe. You can go for pull-down drawers, multifunctional pull-out drawers, shoe racks, trouser/shirt holders, pull-out hangers, etc.


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