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1500 Sq. Ft.
Sangeet Kedia
project type:
Interiors and Architecture.
Moti Nagar, New Delhi

This residential project is a unique blend of a modern urban pulse interwoven with some ‘Human warmth’. An open space idea is adopted for the space planning of the interiors to enable space efficiency and the creation of dining space. The living room is designed for a functionally seamless space traversing through all areas, allowing guests and relatives to enjoy each corner of this space. Patterned marble in the lobby was used to highlight the entrance. Groove panelling with veneer and lacquered glass was used in the television back. Brown marble stone was used for the wall cladding adjoining with groove panelling to add warmth and liveliness to the space. Supported the modern contemporary theme across the bedrooms with simple furniture design. As for the concept, the highlight is the beautifully designed furniture with a different kind of specialized concept.