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4200 Sq. Ft.
Rahul Jain
project type:
Interior Design
Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi.

Bungalows are unique as they present a wonderful challenge to homeowners. It is all about designing a space that is balanced in terms of design, form and function. Luxurious accents combined with rich furnishings create the perfect décor for this home that is spread out on a few levels. The color palette is mostly composed of creams, beiges and soft grays for a spacious, bright and serene look. Wooden details appear for contrast and warmth here and there. Plush textiles, neat lines and trendy furniture make this residence a must see. Soothing neutrals and modern furniture make the space very inviting and cozy.

A beautiful terrace garden is a vision in itself irrespective of the view of the entire city from the terrace.

Patio clubbed with a sitting space in a modern twist with the lighting playing a truly essential role. A nice mix of flowering and plants surrounded the whole area making it a great sitting space for all comfort to enjoy the evening.  A water element was also added to add a sense of tranquility.