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Making sure that homeowners are comfortable with the design is as important as creating a home that is attractive to look at. Home is comfortable only when the design takes care of functionality and the form. The execution of this house is class and sophistication. Maintaining a simplistic approach and using accents that do not interfere with the aesthetics of the design created a charming and cosy space for the homeowners. Blessed with a large floorplan, the design of this excellent drawing dining area exploits its spaciousness and incorporates a sense of liveability and warmth and freshness. Marble stairs look the most wonderful in any home. The stairs have been contrasted well by using a glass railing with a wooden handrail. The double-height chandelier and panelling on the walls support the look beautifully. The glass, wooden and metal finish contrasting with accent colours has given this room a classy yet sophisticated look. The dining table and chairs sit right outside the kitchen. To make things easier, a small breakfast counter was added at the kitchen entrance. A modern yet straightforward chandelier provides lighting while adding to the soft and luxurious look of the room. The stunning kitchen is the quintessential modern kitchen, with a white and grey colour scheme. The cream flooring, the white countertop and the wooden backsplash blend with each other beautifully. The other side of the countertop is dedicated to appliances fitted into the wall. The stairs leading up to the upper levels open to a beautiful lobby and different rooms.

2500 Sq. Ft.
project type:
Interior Design
November 22, 2020
VIpul Chandok